Crumbs Sugar Cookie is a member of the original 8, the first lalaloopsies released.

Character Portrait - Crumbs Sugar Cookie

She is voiced by Calista Schmidt

About CrumbsEdit


She is sweet, like the cookies she bakes. She never fails to impress her friends with her delicious masterpieces. The food she baked were: The quadruple layer chocolate cake, the cookies,the Princess Parade floats, the chocolate chip cookies, the caramel cake, the cream pie, the hot crescent rolls, the cupcakes, the hard-to-eat cookies, the invisible treats, the princess pretzels, and the mablenut muffin. In The Big Sheep Sleep, she reveals that rollercoasters make her sick to her stomach. Her pet, Mouse, is always getting to into trouble, and sabotaging the girls plans.

Episode, Webisode, and Movie AppearancesEdit

Jewel Sparkle's Un-Birthday Party (debut)

Mittens Fluff n Stuff Wants a Snow Day

Pillow Featherbed Up All Night

Bea Spells A Lot and the Pet Talent Show

Search for Pillow

Apple Pickle Pie

Batter Up!

Princess Parade

Spot-It is

Dot's Moon Mission

The Big Sheep Sleep

March of the April Fools

Saved by the Gift

Flight Plan

In A Jam

Pickles Delivers

A Tree Grows in Lalaloopsy Land

A Hobby for Bea

Dyna-Mic Duo (cameo)

Rosy's Day Off

Sleepless in Lalaloopsy Land (cameo)

Stuck on You

Holly's Joyful Holiday

Mablenut Muffin Mission


Crumbs has fair skin and 2 black button eyes. She has short pink hair, in ringlets, held with a black bow. Crumbs has a pink dress under her yellow and white checkered apron with a yellow bow. At the bottom of her dress, there is pink polka dots. She has pink tennis shoes.


Crumbs is well liked. One of her friends is Jewel. Her best friends are Pickles and Pepper.

Likes and DislikesEdit

Likes: Baking Contests

Dislikes: Anything Sour


Pretty please with sprinkles on top?


  • She is one of the most popular Lalaloopsies