Pete Robert Canfly is a Fairytale mini that was released along with Scarlet, Tuffet, Curls, Little Bah Peep, Coral, Snowy, Wacky, Alice, Cinder, and Prince.
Handsome Devil

He has not appeared in the show yet.

About Pete REdit


Pete R. is a childish Lalaloopsy who loves messing with Patch and Peggy, playing with Tick-Tock, his crocodile, flying with Pix E, and being young. The reason he doesn't want to grow up is because of the adult's bossy rules, that they can't play in the park, and that they have to work and yak on the phone and drink yucky coffee all day. He is a fanboy of Sir Battlescarred. All of the Lalaloopsies bully him, except for Pix E. It isn't fair. Pete R. doesn't deserve to be bullied. Is being childish so very WRONG? Any user who bullies Pete R in the comments will be banned for LIFE! So no mean comments about Pete R. I also forgot to mention that he loves to play games.

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Pete R is a fair skinned boy with orange hair in Patch's and Sir's style. He has black button eyes, pink cheeks, and a sewn on mouth. Pete R. wears a green suit with lime green lines. He has a white shirt underneath. He has black tennis shoes.


Like I said in the Personality section, everyone bullies, mocks, insults, and puts down Pete R. Except for Pix E. Pix E is his only friend

Likes and DislikesEdit

Likes: Adventure

Dislikes: Growing Up


I'll never grow up!


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