Pillow Featherbed is a member of the Original 8, the first Lalaloopsies ever released.          
100px-Character Portrait - Pillow Featherbed

She is voiced by Zoe Marlett

About PillowEdit


She LOVES to sleep all the time. As seen in the movie, she is often unaware of what's going on. Her best friend is Little Bah Peep. She is also lazy. She can be seen napping whether day or night. She also throws the best slumber parties of all time. She can't do jumping jacks, unlike Bea. Her favorite cookies are chocolate chip, as she has 75 on her roof

Episode and Movie  and Webisode AppearancesEdit

Jewel Sparkle's Un Birthday Party(debeut)

Mittens Fluff n Stuff Wants a Snow Day

Pillow Featherbed Up All Night

Bea Spells a Lot and the Pet Talent Show

Search for Pillow

Too Close for Comfort


The Big Sheep Sleep

March of the April Fools

In a Jam

Pickles Delivers(cameo)

Ace in the Hole

Dyna-mic Duo (cameo)

Sleepless in Lalaloopsy Land


Pillow has lavender hair in ringlets. She has fair skin and black button eyes. She has pink cheeks. She has pink and hot pink pajamas, with a orange collar. She has a pink bow in her hair. She sometimes wears a pink sleeping mask that says Do Not Disturb


Pillow has many friendships, but her best friend is Little Bah Peep.

Likes and DislikesEdit

Likes: Milk and Cookies

Dislikes:Alarm Clocks




  • She is the second unpopular lalaloopsy