1. No harrasment allowed

2. No being bossy

3. Don't use garbage grammar

4. If someone is being mean, don't say mean stuff back, it will only make it worse

5. No Lalaloopsy haters

6. No Unrelated Lalaloopsy stuff

7. Don't use this in pages:

PLEASE use Heading 2

8. No vandalism on pages or on chat

9. Don't be like this:

"Ha you littlbfe dorks I am a dumbyn dg and ugly tyanrt with bad garmmar now bow down to me or yoyr expelled I ahet lalallozpsiez durbuhrhurhrhrurbndhouddhuidcgfdubckidchdsiysdbisdikhcnsjchbbdsksdnlndsbusbdulnscncsbcnlsdnlsddsukgbfc"

10. No insulting Lalaloopsies

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