Bleep! Bleep! Went the alarm clock.

Aurora: Ohh, 7:00 already? 

Mrs. Hunt: Aurora! Greer! Time for school! 

Aurora: Oh, joy... Hey mom, will I get to go to that fancy school that has a mini shopping center, and that the cafeteria looks like a fancy resturant?

Mrs. Hunt: Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie, but the cost is too much, we're on a budget, but with some extra money..... you can go to Greer's school!

Greer: Yay! I can't wait for you to meet all my friends!

Aurora sulked. She wanted to go to the fancy school. She didn't want to go to Greer's school, because Greer often bossed her around and made many rules for Aurora to follow. She wondered if Greer's friends were neatniks like her.

On the way to school,  Greer was yakking on and on about the rules for Aurora to follow while in school.

Greer: No embarrasing me, blah, blah, blah, ah, here we are, Lalaloopsy Elementary School!

As Aurora and Greer entered the school, they went to visit Greer's friends. Aurora suddenly spotted a girl with short pink hair and a princess gown. 

Selia: Greer, who is this?

Greer: This is my sister, Aurora. She's new.

Selia: Hmm, since she is your sister, she can be in our group.

Aurora: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cascadas: ¡Hola! Me llamo Cascadas. 

Aurora: Er, me llamo Aurora

Greer: That's Cascadas. She's spanish. 

Aurora stared at the girl with pink hair and tan skin with flowers in her hair.