I am starting a new fanfiction! It features the characters but with renames. Also, there will be noncanon siblings. Bea is Mittens' sister, Patch is Pickles' brother, and Marina is Pepper's sister.

Pillow as Zoe

Crumbs as Calista

Mittens as Paige

Peanut as Malia

Spot as Tate

Jewel as Selia

Dot as Marissa

Bea as Hayley

Sunny as Jessica Y.

Berry as Anna

Blossom as Cascadas

Tippy as Sophie

Patch as Andrew

Marina as Greer

Misty as Sara

Pepper as Aurora

Ace as Griffin

Rosy as Emma

Forest as Keaton

Pickles as Jessica H.

Prairie as Bella

Scribbles as Gabrielle

Trinket as Marcella

Bundles as Taylor

Squirt as Janelle

Sir as Carson


Aurora is not happy about moving to a new school, her bossy sister's school! Aurora is happy when she is invited in the group Greer is in. Even then, the kids laugh at her and act likes she's not in the group. Aurora soon learns that you do not need to be perfect to build perfect friendships.


The characters that the Lalas play are named after their respective voice actors.